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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 14: Flower Nails

I was thinking of what medium will I use to do this design. I was thinking of stamping and glittery accent. But I stumbled upon my nail stickers before I get my hands on my stamping plates and realized that I haven't had any post or design using stickers. So I decided that I'll be using this stickers to my Day 14: Flower Nails challenge.

I used RAIN Nail Creme in Eagles. A nice shade of dark red glittery polish that looks nice in actual.

 What I don't like with this stickers is that it is obviously stickers, because you can see those clear cellophane-like on its side.


But what surprises me is that when I go to sleep last night I noticed that the stickers glows in the dark!! yay!

I hope you like it. See you tomorrow. ^____^


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