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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nail Art: Hello Kitty Fimo on my Tips

Hello everyone. I hope you're all doing fine. This is a quick post to share my nail art design last week. It is a hello kitty design using fimo. I purchased the fimo canes and rhinestones in my Divisoria haul last February. 
What I did was..
-apply my base coat (it's a must!)
-design a light pink french tip on the four fingers and a full polish on the ring finger
-use a dotting tool and draw white dots on the tips
-apply a clear polish to stick the fimos and rhinestones on 
-seal the design with top coat and your done!

I used my daugther's hello kitty purse for my photo shoot.

without flash

with flash

with my spray bottle..(it's pink!)

intertwined hands with my daughter.
Thanks for dropping by. Take care.


  1. This nail art is totally cute! If only bagay sakin, hehe. I need to grow out my nails a little longer first.

  2. thanks for dropping by sis.. :)

  3. hi...where did you buy the fimo cane in divisoria?

  4. @ miss anonymous i bought the fimos in 168 mall sis...

  5. Hi, I'm Hazelle. =)

    The nail art's just awesome. Uber cute and feminine. =)

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  6. i like it! wanna go to 168... how much sis per stick?