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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Green Green Field on my Tips

HI!!!!! It's been awhile since my last post. How is everyone doing?.. I miss my blog. Well, if you're interested why I'm MIA this past few weeks, it's because my laptop's lcd was broken. My fault actually. But since I have found an alternative to my broken lappy, I'm back. So back. *wink*

Here is my first post for the month of May. The design is quite simple and I think everyone can do it. It is just a simple stroke of your striping brush and playing with acrylics. I hope you enjoy this nail art tutorial..

This are the tools that I used in this design. (those "wavy" bottles are  my acrylic paints)

Apply a base base coat and then, paint a sky blue polish as a base color.

Using a striping brush, make a undefine strokes upwards to make  the grasses. 

Draw the dragonfly using a small dotting tool.

add little flowers on the grasses for additional design.

add a topcoat when the acrylics are dry. and your done..!

So, what do you think?.. Have a great day!!