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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nail Art: Stamping Butterflies

I've been in Manila a week ago and had my chance to purchased a lot of nail art stuffs. When I come home, I want to try all of them but I can't, of course, because I have only two hands and there are a lot of designs in my mind. So, I picked the method that I 'm so eager to try. Water Decals!! But to my dismay, the design was wasted because I can't do it right. The image won't stick to my finger and it shrinks off when I put the top coat. 

Oh well, enough of that. I decided to do a Nail Art Stamp Design since I don't have any blog for this method yet. I choose a variety of butterfly images and stamped it on my fingers with a glittering base color. I wish you'd be happy of what I designed. There'll be more of stamping techniques coming, because I have 7 new plates on hand..*giggles Here are the photos.
no flash

with flash
with my kit..:)
Thanks for dropping by! Keep safe.. :)


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