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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Out: Manila Ocean Park Experience

It was a Sunday, a sunny hot Sunday and I was so excited. My best bud and I were off to Manila Ocean Park! It was my first time to visit the. place and "excitement" was an understatement to describe what I felt. I heard about it from my family (yes! they went there without me!), friends and media.

Manila Ocean Park's website says:
From the time it started as the very first marine-themed park in the country, Manila Ocean Park (China Oceanis Philippines, Inc.) has been continuously evolving into a single spectacular destination where business, leisure, and entertainment come together. The dream is to emerge as a timeless landmark and premier entertainment destination with a distinct personality and a vibrant variety of attractions and amenities. 

An array of exciting, enticing, and enriching attractions await you—fascinating marine life exhibits, entertaining dining and lifestyle hotspots, unique venues for conventions and events, and mind-blowing multi-sensory marvels. As Manila Ocean Park continues to grow, adrenaline drives, fun rides, and hottest nightlife spots will soon join the park's line-up of impressive attractions. No other destination in the country houses the best of both land and sea!

We choose the package with the Jellies, Marine Life Show and Oceanarium. After purchasing our ticket which cost P1,000 for both of us, we enjoyed the next hour of being a child again. It's funny how the mixture of feelings burst out when we were there. Anger for extreme 2pm heat of the sun during the Marine Life Show. Happiness for the new experience. Loneliness for I wish my daughter was there with me. Scared of the Sharks!! Love for the cute little fishes I thought I would only see on TV! And a lot more! Will I go there again? Of course!! This time, with my Jasmine. :)

On the phone talking to my daughter. I told her I'll bring her here someday. 
Our ticket! I paid for our ticket and bff paid for the scramble!! Where's justice?!

I think the Jellies section is a bar at night. I saw tables and counters there.

Me. Amazed by the color changing of the jellies.

There's a room before the exit that has column-like aquariums with jellies and mirrored walls.

Marine Life Adventure

Meet Isis. The Sea Lion.
Views in the Oceanarium


Rock Fish
Sharks! I hate them!


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