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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year Celebration the Provincial Way

Happy New Year to you...

Thanks for visiting my blog. As you can see, this is only my second post. Sorry if this is not about nails. ;)) This is about how we spend the first day of the year here in our place.

We conducted a parlor games for the children to enjoy in my favorite aunt's house in Kenram where I think 40 children waited for our arrival. This is our way of giving back or sharing what had been given to us in the past year. We packed candies for our prices. It was simple yet fun..super fun..!
 My sister Lyn, the tall lady on the left, was the facilitator of the event. Me, as usual, is the emcee and photographer. 

 Everybody knows this.. Tug of War!!

 Egg Hunting.. This is my favorite. A blindfolded contestant with a stick will hunt the egg then crush it with the stick. Nobody won because all of them was spanking the soils instead..hehehe..

Calamansi Relay

Sack Race

After the games, the children went home with their pockets full of gooodies and smiles on their faces. It felt good that in our own little way we have made their New Year memorable. God bless you..

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