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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nail Art: My First Sponge Nail Art

Hello..! I hope you will find this blog helpful and informative to you and your nails. This is my first sponge nail art attempt. I use cheap(I'm on a budget. Always!) and readily available materials. I used Yaxi Nail Polish( PHP15/each) in two shades, one in light pink and the other is in fuchsia(darker) shade. 

 1. After applying your base coat, apply two coats of the lighter shade polish that you  have chosen. Let it dry.

 2.  Brush polish to an eyebrow sponge(the one you do not use anymore). Tap excess polish in a paper if there is such.

3. Tap the sponge to the tip of your nails to create a gradient effect. I did two coats to perfect the design. ;)

 My gradient nails. I super love the color blending, looks like bubble gum. Super girly. You could stop from here and put on your favorite top coat but since I'm ma-heart-ty, I put on lines on the tips in two tones (black and gold) as what you can see on the picture below.

And viola!! The art is done. I don't know what and where to take the pic of my finish nail art, so i grabbed the first thing that is within my reach, my ma Nail Polish Remover container! What an art! hehehe.. 

Ooops.. Sorry for the blurred images. Don't have a decent camera yet, but I can't stop posting. So I just used my phone cam. My fault. :(


  1. I've always wanted to try the gradient but I've never had the time to actually do it.

  2. Never mind the blurred images :) it still looks cool, what you do with your nails, I mean. It's interesting how you consider nails a blank canvass :) looks really fun.