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Monday, January 24, 2011

Nail Art: Dazzling Purple with White Flowers Tip

I've been busy last week that I haven't done my weekly nail art post. But since I have to attend a wedding last Saturday, I have to "accesorize". I will be wearing a purple blouse and black slacks so I've decided to put on a purple nail polish as well. I used L.A. Colors Rockstar Nail Polish. It has a great shimmering effect on the nails that I love. Then I add little flowers on the tip to make it gorgeous yet simple. 

The flowers aren't perfect. But it's a great start for a newbie like me. Right? ;)
Do I pass as a nail art artist? More like nail artist customer! LOL!


  1. kawaii~!

    even i am having trouble keeping the flowers looking equal. im sure with more practice we'll be able to make it look better!

    hope to see more nail art posts from you,sis!

  2. aww! this is way too cute! How I wish I have time to have my nails done like this:) Thanks for following me, expect me to be one of your followers too and oh by the way, welcome to the blogging world:)

  3. cute! =)

    thanks for following, followed you back =)

  4. hello to all of you.. thank you for following me.. it means much to me. *hugs*

  5. ang cute! more practice and you'll perfect it.. ^_^ new follower here from GT. thank you also for following and visiting my blog. have a nice day sis!