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Monday, April 18, 2011

Nail Polish Swatch: Caronia Sweet Bliss Collection

Hi everyone! Been busy this past few weeks that I haven't done any post for my beloved blog. :)) So here it goes..

I'm "facebooking" the other day and jumped wall to wall and pages to pages that I "like", then I bump into Caronia Philippines's page and knew about there new sweet bliss collection and read good reviews and comments of other caronia women. Then the nail art addict in me got so excited to have those polishes included in my collection. I hurried to the drugstore near us and was relieve when I saw that the collection was available there! What even made me happier is that it only cost Php25($0.58) each. --But sad to say that Summer Fling isn't available.. :( -- But then, I have 5 out of the six. Not bad for a "far away from the city" place where I am now.

What I think:

-cute and nice colors
-two coats and you get the nice color you see in the bottle
-easy to apply

-I don't think it's big 3 free
-packaging must be improved (don't like the stickers)

here is a glimpse of my haul...
Caronia Sweet Bliss Collection (only 5 out of six)

the collection on my nails after two coats :)

what it look like under a cloudy sky this summer (?!)

with flash

added some fruits, its summer!

Will I purchase it again?
Yes! Definitely.

All in all, this is a great collection. With its vibrant colors and inexpensive price, it will surely promise a colorful and memorable summer to every caronia woman. Plus factor is that its a local brand, buy Filipino. :)

Hope you like my post! 'Til next time.. 


  1. They look really cute like candies! :P

  2. candies indeed!.. :) thanks for dropping by.. followed your beautiful blog by the way.. ;)

  3. where did you get those fruits they really are cute:D