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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nail Polish Swatch: Bobbie Glazers

I was cleaning and arranging my manicure set when I realized I haven't posted any nail polish swatch in my blog. I immediately choose what brand and color to go first, only to realize that it would be so many pictures  and posts if I swatch them one by one. So I decided to have them by brand. And I choose Bobbie Glaze as the first swatch simply because this brand is the most accessible to me in case of availability. I can go to any drugstore and grab a new shade anytime. Plus, for a local brand, it's toxin free. I have, 9 different shades of Bobbie nail polish but choose to swatch my favorite five and they are: 

From left to right: Piña Colada, Sparklers, Garland, Candy Cane and Blue Sleigh. 

forgive the editing please, the ring finger should be Sparklers. *wink*

without flash

with flash
Among the five colors, my most favorite is the Sparklers. It has a nice chrome color with shimmering effect that I like. It's a nice base color for flowers or sponge nail art. 

- Inexpensive. Cost only Php32.50($0.74)
- Available locally.
- Lots of shades
- Toxin Free!

- Takes how many hours to completely dry.
- Chips in 2-3 days of wearing.

Will I purchase again?
-Yes! Of course.

Do you also have Bobbie Nail Polish in your collection?
How was your experience with this local brand?


  1. Oh! I love to color my nails too!
    new follower here...

  2. i don't have a collection of nail polish. i used to buy a one or two bottle of bobbie nail polish for my little sister who is fond of prettifying her nails. :)

  3. i love nail polish specially bobbie im using one right now..LOL