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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My First Glimpse on the New Peso Bills

I went to BDO yesterday to deposit. When it was my turn, the teller ask me if I want to change my old bills to the new one. I immediately said said yes, but to my dismay they only have 50 peso bill left. Their head office only gave them 2 bundles of 20's and 1 bundle of 50's. So I gave my one hundred peso bill in exchange of two brand new, "bank-scent" and crisp 50 peso bill. ;) After my transaction at the bank, I hurriedly go back to our store to show off my new bills. They became an instant celebrity! lol..

So here is what I've observe:
1. Design highlights: President Sergio Osmeña, the first national assembly in 1907, the Leyte Landing, the seal of the President and the new BSP seal. At the back is the Taal Lake, the deepest freshwater lake found n the country, as well as the animal Maliputo are showed on the reverse side. On the right is a design highlight from an embroidery handcrafted in Batangas.

2. It has more security features against counterfeiting. The serials are ascending in fonts.  

3. Color wise, it's more vibrant. It looks like the paper bills in Singapore. I even thought it was a foreign currency at first sight.

4. It's a millimeter(I think) bigger than the old bill.

5.  President Sergio Osmeña's image is much much younger. He looks good. :)

All in all, I like this more than the old one.. I didn't use it yet. Keeping it inside my wallet until it's widely use and released. I wish i could have the 500 peso bill too with Ninoy and Cory's images on the front..hehe


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