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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nail Art: Sassy Penguins

Hi. This nail design was inspired by two brothers who entered in a talent reality show which was recently concluded, I think two weeks ago. They ended up as 2nd place but I know they have touch every Filipinos hearts by their very humbling story. They showcase their tap dance talent in the audition. Funny because they do not know what the name of the dance. They just call it "Happy Feet Dance" because they copied their steps in the animated movie Happy Feet. To be able to attend in the auditions, they sell tomatoes at their public market in Libona, Bukidnon in order to have a fare to go to Davao. Because of their undeniable tap dance talent, one of the judges buy them both a pair of tap dance shoes for them to use in the semi-finals because they were wearing an ordinary leather shoes which was only borrowed. You can watch them in the video below..

So here is my nail art design.

I applied 2 coats of black shade of Sassy Colors.

Then draw the talking penguins using acrylic paints. :)

 I hope you like. 'Til next time! Take care..

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